The ultimate pattern for the classic t-shirt dress – M6886

McCall's 6886 T-shirt dressI concur that McCall’s 6886 is a perennial favorite for a very good reason. Boy, it does fit nicely! I’m glad I finally gave it a try.

McCall's 6886 dress This amazing medium weight knit is from Mood Fabrics LA. That was a fun shopping trip, let me tell you! And the people there were so helpful and totally nice when I asked them about Project Runway, even though I’m sure they get asked about it all the time. They told me the Real Housewives of Orange County apparently shoot there, too. And lots of famous designers and people come in all the time. I didn’t see any, but I did get to meet their resident dog, Oscar.

M6886 dress fitFor some reason I only got a yard, so the finished length of this dress was dictated by fabric shortage, but I’m pleased I got a whole dress out of it. I didn’t plan on making a dress when I bought only one yard of fabric. The print is so interesting, isn’t it? And the quality feels amazing. I wanted the fabric up against my skin since it feels so nice, but in the end, I just had to line it. With such a snug shape I felt like I needed another layer to help smooth things. I’ve felt compelled to line all my dresses lately, but this pattern is so simple that it is no big deal to add a lining really quickly.

M6886 pattern dressThere are no construction notes to share – this pattern is easy! I attached my lining to the neckline to finish that edge, but other than that, there is nothing to say. I made no adjustments and I love the fit! What a great pattern, especially for showing off this special fabric, but I can think of a hundred variations and modifications and it has really sparked my creativity to have such a well fitting, basic pattern to play with. Very nice job, McCall’s! I included this in my list of 10 patterns I’m going to sew this year, too. I’ll be posting more versions soon!

These photos were taken hastily in front of one of our favorite restaurants, but I just wanted to get this blogged. We were in a hurry to see this view at dinner!

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