Softest softy McCall’s 7660 turtleneck

IMG_7800 (Medium)Quote from my husband, “it’s like having my very own velveteen rabbit!” My whole family keeps petting me, even my reluctant teenager.

This is just the best thing to snuggle into when it is cold outside, and you don’t want to put on clothes, really, but you have to. Then, when you shimmy into your jeans and block boots you actually feel pretty darn fabulous because this thing is stylish, too!

McCa;;s 7660 velvetAt my favorite store in the LA fashion district, the very helpful salesman pointed to a stack of fabrics piled up to the ceiling and said “These just came in from Nordstrom” and placed this fabric beneath my fingers and I was in love. I was already on the lookout for moss green anything, because I’m just loving it as a colorful neutral, and this fabric was so perfect for me. Technically it is velour, but it is so much softer than regular velour, I swear.

M7660 ve;our backI knew that I needed to get this cut up and sewn fast so I could wear it on all of our half dozen cold days here, so I picked a simple but trendy shape and made McCall’s 7660. It is basically just a turtleneck sweatshirt with balloon sleeves. Cute and high impact. But when I saw how that balloon sleeve pattern piece was actually shaped, like a round ruffle where the long side must be shoved into the tiny cuff piece, I thought the better of that. This fabric is thick and would not have gathered nicely.

M7660 moss greenSo I used the regular slim sleeve pattern and cut 2 slashes up from the cuff to create a bishop sleeve instead. Yes, there was still some gathering into the cuff, but it worked out perfectly. This sleeve shape is actually closer to the inspiration velvet sweatshirt I spotted months ago.

McCalls 7660 necklineThe turtleneck didn’t go quite as well. Despite basting and carefully sewing, I got some slight gathering at the neckline. I thought it would smooth out when I put it on my actual neck, but you can see that it did not. I need to go back and resew that smoother.

I’m especially frustrated about that because I deliberately sewed up the shoulders and put the turtleneck in first so that I wouldn’t stretch out the cut neckline while handling it. Does anyone else do that also? I am constantly worried about fabric distortion, and yet here I am without a perfect neckline still. Sob.

McCalls 7660 sweatshirtThese pictures were taken at Downtown Disneyland, so I took the opportunity to wear my cute top and grab pictures before I realized how wrinkled the neckline was. I will fix it, but whether I get new pictures where I’ve actually combed my hair is doubtful, so I am going ahead and publishing these.

One velvet project down, many more to go!


18 thoughts on “Softest softy McCall’s 7660 turtleneck

  1. Cute! I love the sleeves. I wouldn’t have noticed the neckline gathering without the detail shot, it kind of goes with the slouchy vibe – but it would bug me if I had made it so I get it.

    • Thank you Tasha! Are you as obsessed with moss green as I am now? I just bought 4 yards of this heavyweight knit that I’m thinking jumpsuit. And then I wonder…is that too much? Haha!

  2. Love it, Helena! You won’t be surprised to know that I’ve got a bishop-sleeved turtleneck in my list of things to sew. Separated at birth, I think. 😉

    • Thanks! I was glad it got chilly enough to wear it! I guess I can always wear it with a skirt to make it less warm if I have to, so I can continue wearing it into March.

  3. I love this top– I have lust in my heart…. Based on the full sleeves, I thought the fullness at the T-neck was deliberate and very nice. I guess we see what we want to see.

    • When I think about picking out the double stitching of the turtleneck hidden in the pile of the velour, I think I may just leave it since everyone is being so encouraging about it. Thanks, Ellen!

  4. What a beautiful turtleneck! First off I’m a huge olive colour fan (it’s definitely one of my neutrals) and velveteen and soft and flowy? I would probably wear it out 🙂 I do the neckline like you and sleeveless armholes the same way (do shoulder seam after) but your fabric is a crazy thing that shows absolutely every little tiny pull when stitching so I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself! Maybe basting it on first then sewing might help?

    • I basted! I basted! I was so incredibly careful on this supposedly “quick and easy” top. As I wrote to Ellen, I might leave it. Everyone is being so nice about it!

  5. I’ve been using some softy soft velour lately too — it is SO great. This colour looks beautiful on you and the changes to the sleeve worked perfectly. I’m sure you’ll work out the neckline issues though it still looks lovely on you as it is now.

  6. I was admiring the gathers at the neckline, thinking how beautifully they echo the sleeves, then I read that you were disappointed in it! I really thought it was a planned detail that accentuates the drapiness of the fabric.

    • Thank you! I’m going for it then! I don’t want to pick it out…and I wore it again tonight and I felt really wonderful in it.

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