Soft and swingy summer tank M6359

IMG_4408 (2)Hi all! I’ve been neglecting the blog quite a bit. I just don’t know what to talk about here. I feel like I can just say – “here, I made this, look at it” for every post. What is it you readers want to hear? How can I shake this blog up and make it fun again?

McCalls 6359 frontThis time I have a cute tank top (McCall’s 6359) that made out of very soft rayon. Rayon wrinkles like a bitch, as these pictures show, but it is so lovely to wear against the skin during summer. I will usually line a garment made from rayon to keep the wrinkling down a bit, but this soft easy tank wouldn’t have been as fun to wear. I did extend the facing so it covers my bust for a little modesty, quite an easy modification.

mcCalls 6359 bodiceWhat I especially like about the shape of it is the high point where the bodice meets the straps. The top still dips very low in front, but I love the angle that takes it up before it becomes a strap, all the way to my collarbone.

M6359 tankAnd of course I love the cut of the back. I even have a bra that is cut with nearly the same lines! The racer back is gathered and connected to the facing inside, then the straps are slipped in between. It is a clean finish. I am horrible at making strap attachments look tidy.

McCalls 6359 hemI did a tiny baby hem to finish it off. It looks sharp in this photo, but I have since washed this top and the thing raveled out and now looks a mess. Not a durable finish. I’ll go back and serge the edge, then hem it tightly so that the serging stitch doesn’t show. That will be more durable. Add it to the mending pile!

M6359 tunic


12 thoughts on “Soft and swingy summer tank M6359

  1. Love your top and what a deliciously cool top for these hot summer days! I was AMAZED to see you had a bra on under this top and when you said you had a bra with this exact strapping I wondered, “Was that a serendipity or was that planned??” In my books that is a necessity (the exact bra!) and truly makes this top :) If I were you I’d make a slew of them :)

    • It was totally serendipity, to be honest. I was fully prepared to wear a strapless with this top. I have made this top into a dress, but the weight of the dress pulled the armholes down and I need to fix that before I wear it. Then I’ll throw it up on the blog too.

  2. Can’t agree more with the bra thing. I’ve been wearing tops all summer where the bra straps show badly – not a good look. Are there any bra patterns with racer backs out there, I wonder?

    • Wouldn’t it be great to have a matching/coordinating bra with every top or dress you make? That is the dream, but I’m not yet a bra seamstress.

  3. Oh man, as a blog reader, I’m totally happy with the “here I made this” post! The ones I dig the most are some variation of “here, I made this” with a littl “this is what I learned/what was hard/what I would do differently” and “this is why I wanted to make this/where it fits in my wardrobe.” And even if it’s just a straight picture post, I think the community still loves seeing and being inspired by other people’s makes!

    • That is great to hear! I know I love those kinds of posts, too, so my crisis is more in my writer’s block I guess. Thank you for the encouragement.

  4. Helena, I miss your posts! This tank top is lovely, of course. I feel similarly about what to post. Sometimes I want to post things that have nothing to do with sewing, but then I think, the people who read this come here for sewing… and I just end up posting, “look at what I made,” too. I enjoy reading about people’s lives outside sewing, as well, though. I think often times when we enjoy someone’s creative process, it’s easy to enjoy hearing about other facets of their lives as well…

  5. I’m glad to see a post from you as well, I have missed your blog. I read it for the sewing so just keep doing what you did. The top looks great. I find that I have the unraveling problem a lot with rayon wovens. It seems to me that they just ravel easily even when hemmed.

  6. Very cute top! I always love to see the things you make and how you put your own spin on it. I think a “look what I made” post is great – that’s what the majority of posts are on my blog, and what I like to read on others too…so fun!

  7. I love seeing what you’re making lately. Also, I have tried to comment a few times on the Clothes Making Mavens podcast and it just would disappear, so I want to make certain you know that I love listening to every podcast you and Lori make, so fun and you two do such a great job. I look forward to every one of them!

  8. Wow, how lucky to have a bra that works so perfectly with this top! Rayon does wrinkle like crazy time which is so sad because it + summer =love. My rayon challis beach set that I made is so so lovely to wear in the heat; it might rival my summer linen for coolness, but every time I pull it out, I’ve got to devote 15 minutes to ironing every little pleat on the culottes. Not exactly easy summer dressing! I don’t think you need to shake up the blog. I know I come here because I like seeing what you make and I love your style. I’m now caught up on the Clothes Making Mavens, and I have two comments–you totally should get a coverstitch–it will change your life! Also, the literary sewing along sounds like so much fun. She was a really insightful guest, and I already have an idea for Anne of Green Gables.

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