Shoe Inspired for Project Sewn

NewLook6107aWho can help but be inspired by shoes? This blouse was inspired by my round toed, T-strap, stack heeled Fidji’s for Project Sewn. The Project Sewn Challenges are so fun to sew along with!Fidjis

NewLook6107dI didn’t do a “Sewing Goals” post like so many others. I loved reading everyone else’s, but was still just a little shy about publishing my own.

But I don’t mind sharing that one of my sewing goals for the last few months has been to make more tops that can be worn with jeans. I wear jean/pants 90% of the time. It is cold here in Seattle! I’d love to wear more cute skirts and dresses (and perhaps I shall after making more for my wardrobe) but in the depths of winter I reach for pants and jeans nearly every day.
NewLook6107cTo that goal I’ve made the simple chevron T, Vogue 1247 and my useless lace sleeves Jalie. And here is the next installment—New Look 6107.
NewLook6107hThe super special fabric is from the LA fashion district and is very lightweight so I lined it with a heavier silk something I picked up at Value Village. I added little iridescent buttons. And why not some lace for the yoke? That lace (also used in Useless Lace Sleeves) actually has a bit of a gold metallic, too, so it begged me to be added to this blouse. Then I had to make bias binding for the neck to finish it off, of course.

My dull needle pulled the silk. Oops.
My dull needle pulled the silk. Oops.

The pattern includes darts, which I didn’t mess with in this floaty fabric. I like the fit just fine. The rounded hem is great for leaving untucked, or half tucked, or whatever you feel like.

OnTable copy

Honestly, I am quite passionate about shoes. In fact, my next project is already under way because it was also inspired by a new pair of shoes. It’s just too easy (the inspiration, not the sewing part!)

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  1. I can really see how the shoes inspired this top! It’s really nice! The fabric is gorgeous! My waving madly from up in Vancouver.

    1. Thanks! I barely ever wear those shoes, so it is great to have something just right!

  2. I love the top and the lace.

  3. My Sewing Suite says:

    Really cute blouse. I understand the need more blouse thing. I am sewing another Renfrew today in wool jersey.

    1. I can’t wait to see your Renfrew, Jen!

  4. Really cute blouse and shoes!

  5. Well done! It IS cold here. You did a beautiful job!

    1. Thanks! I know this blouse is going to get covered by a cardigan mostly. I like your boot inspired dress, too! Smart idea to choose warm comfy boots.

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