Pink and Pineapple M6359 Dress

m6359 dressWell, since I already had the perfect bra for this strap configuration, I just had to use this pattern McCall’s 6359, again to make a dress! A pineapple dress made from the same kind of rayon as my previous top, since that worked so well. Of course I complicated matters by adding ruffles to make it a dress and adding a lining.

m6359 bodice pineapple tank dress diyI feel compelled to line all my dresses now. This dress I just added nude rayon lining to the self fabric facings to make it just long enough to cover my bum. It was all the coverage I needed or wanted. Has anyone else noticed how heavy rayon can get? The weight of the longer length adds up quickly, and I didn’t want to much lining pulling it down.

mccalls 6359 pineapple tank dress backBecause that weight really ended up being a problem with this dress. So sad! I thought I could really just whip this out since I had already made the previous top, but the added weight pulled the armpits down and it was a mess. I had to go in twice to alter it, carefully taking in the dress and facing so it still laid smoothly. Ugh. What I will do next time is cut up the armholes and move the back curve over towards the shoulder to cover more. Rayon isn’t the most stable fabric, so this was a totally predictable problem, I just did not forsee it.

McCalls 6359 pineapple tank dressLet’s move on to my fun trim addition, shall we? I almost didn’t add it after my frustration over the armhole alteration (twice!) but now I can see how important the trim is to keep it fun and interesting, right? I love florescent pink, but can’t wear a ton of it, so I’m so happy with this premade roleau strap I found that matched the little triangles in the fabric.

pineapple tank dress frontOne of my greatest joys in sewing is adding a little detail to help my handmade garments to stand out. I know it is satisfying to make basics, but that is just not why I sew. I love to make things unique, and this added trim was just the ticket in this case. What do you guys think? Too silly to add fluorescent pink trim to a dress that already features pineapples?

pineapple tank dress

9 thoughts on “Pink and Pineapple M6359 Dress

  1. I’m not a fluourescent color person but I think the pink looks great. The whole dress looks great; I’m glad you persevered. I have to steel myself to work with rayon; when things go wrong and it gets stretched out and starts fraying like crazy it can be so frustrating!

  2. Love your dress and that “hot pink” just makes it extra special especially in the sunlight. I just want to say that I HATE rayon 🙂 I avoid it like the plague despite the fact that I love the drape and often the way it showcases a dye/pattern. No rayon for me for all the reasons you mention here. That growing business is just too much to deal with on top of everything else ie finally getting the fit just right!

    • Thank you, Kathleen! I hear you and I don’t know why I am such a glutton for punishment! I should only make simple shirts and tunics with rayon, but I forget, and then I get ambitious, and then I swear, and then I remember!

  3. i love this dress and the accents are perfect in my opinion. I think i wanna try something like this for myself. My local fabric store has a nice selection of rayons too – which i love – but when i buy I’m then a little stumped on what to make. A hilarious position to be in really, because i sew for a living and never have this problem for clients! Only myself!

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