My Weekly Thread #2 – make all the velvet things

I guess I should be calling this my Bi-Weekly Thread. In 2 weeks I gather a lot of thoughts for you all.

It has been a weird couple weeks of adjusting to the Ready to Wear fast. What do I do when I’m bored? Shop online. Now, I can still look with my eyes innocently at the fashions at my favorite stores, but I don’t want to. And it is not just because I am lamenting the fact that I can’t buy (I chose to do this fast after all) but I do not want to add more projects to my to-sew list! I feel the need to pare down the list and focus, instead of expand and scatter my attention. It is funny how sometimes I want more and sometimes I crave less.

Velvet shoes!

Velvet shoes!

It may be a product of the hardcore decluttering and reorganization that I’ve been deep in lately. We spent the first 2 years here in this bigger house thinking storage would never end, but the reality is that I don’t want too much stuff, no matter what size house I have; it is just overwhelming. So I have been thinking about these things a lot, and the sewing room is getting the side eye. My stash all got refolded and that meant I looked at each piece. I ended up donating quite a few things that I picked up a thrift stores years ago under the guise of “I might need this someday”. I guess I haven’t needed it yet!

I also got rid of some fabrics that have kind of gone out of style, and that breaks my damn heart. I didn’t ever sew them up when I loved them and would have enjoyed them, and I am now determined not to do that with the fabrics I’ve bought more recently. So I need focus, and to build on the inspiration those current fabrics represent. Like velvet!

Velvet haulLast time I was in LA I bought several cuts of velvet. I just love that texture right now, I even have a pair of velvet shoes! But the winter here is short and sweet, and soon velvet will be unthinkable, so i need to hurry and sew them up and enjoy them! I’ll share my first item this week. For amazing inspiration, I saw Tanya’s silk velvet dress and nearly died. That dress is a work of art! The covered buttons and matching belt are perfection.

dayandnightdresschallengeTEAM2018I am thrilled to have been invited by the Elizabeth of ElizabethMadeThis to take part in the Day and Night dress challenge. The lineup of bloggers/bloggers is epic and there is going to be a deluge of dress inspiration coming your way Feb 22 – 28. And, in my opinion, even better than the actual tour is finding so many new to me bloggers/vloggers to follow! I just recently got into the YouTube thing, so I’m just gobbling that up. Go follow and subscribe to every single one of these ladies!

Still some painting to do on my room, but it is rearranged, the TV is hung and the new couch is in. Now I can have visitors to my sewing room. My daughters and I like to watch Gilmore Girls while I sew and now they don’t have to sit on the pins on the floor. Also, I’ve always wanted a pink couch!

Sewing room progress

Sewing room progress

I am so deeply in love with this site The Vivienne Files. Not by the actual clothing pics, since they can be a bit basic and she always relies on neutral bottoms. I like to pick more unique clothes for my wardrobe. But the color combos, and how she lays the wardrobes out are so inspiring! I especially love when she draws her palette from a scarf or piece of artwork. She also has some very practical advice on travel wardrobes and wardrobe building that I love to read but don’t put into practice. Go check it out!

I told myself that I needed to wrap up this illness (I got sick twice during the Christmas break and I didn’t think that was fair!) and I assume I won’t need to catch anything again until next fall? But the undeniable upshot was that I completed 3 books already this year, making my 100 book goal seem very do-able. In that vein, I’m looking forward to joining in the readalong and sewalong on Following the Thread since Melanie just announced the new book – Dance, Gladys, Dance by Cassie Stocks. I’ve never heard of it, so I’m excited to start reading (and sewing).

8 thoughts on “My Weekly Thread #2 – make all the velvet things

  1. I loved Tanya’s velvet “vintage” dress too! WOW – reminds me of a special dress my mother bought for me when I was about 7 (56 years ago 🙂 ) and your velvets are gorgeous! I’m part of the RTW Fast challenge too AND I’ve also committed to NO FABRIC OR PATTERNS OR SHOES 🙂 I know. “And how is that going for you?” you might ask. Pretty good – better than before I committed (no RTW but that’s easier – I have bought 2 patterns which is annoying! and one fabric) since Jan 1. What I do however that’s helping is that when I see something, put it in my online basket and then put it “back” I write in my journal what I WOULD have spent and didn’t 🙂 I’m trying to build in a “replacement” reward 🙂

  2. I am also loving velvet & velour right now. Would love to wear this soft texture every day 🙂 I agree with you on not “saving” our beloved fabric until we can no longer use it — have to sew up those things that we love and enjoy them now!

    Thanks for the note about the Literary Sewing Circle. I hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful Canadian book & that you’ll be able to find a copy easily.

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