My Weekly Thread #1 – goals and stuff

This is going to be a place I spill my thoughts on the threads running through my life and the sewing community.

I love New Year’s Day! I love the fresh start and I love to make goals and resolutions. I actually make goals all through the year, and have recently become a convert to the concept of 90 day goal setting. It is already working better for me. But the New Year is a special time of reflection and goal setting, especially since everyone else is talking about it, too. I love reading everyone’s re-sew-lutions and #2018MakeNine goals!

I really love Elise Joy’s Daily Goal tracker to keep track of my little steps. I think you need to sign up for her newsletter to get it, but they are great to see on one page how you are doing. Maybe I am going overboard by printing 9 of them, and I may drop some of those daily steps later, but I wanted to start the year off with high hopes.

The pertinent one I will mention here (you don’t want to hear about my flossing habits) is “Sew a Stitch”. I put this on the daily tracker to remind myself to take a little step, even when I’m feeling unsure of the next step or discouraged that the project isn’t turning out exactly as envisioned. Also, I have a huge pile of mending/alterations that I can pick up at any moment to work on if I’m not up for working my current project.

Now I know that this daily step will not be totally consistent. There will be days that I don’t make it into the sewing room, or I will be out of town, or lots of other things. But the goal is to keep pressing forward a little at a time and these trackers of Elise Joy’s motivate me to do that.

And a great reason to push forward is that I (foolishly?) signed up for the Ready to Wear fast this year, organized by Sarah from Goodbye Valentino. When Lori, my podcast partner, mentioned she was signing up, I thought ok, she’s crazy, but maybe I’ll join in…I could not have guessed that 1027 other people besides us two would also join! Wow! Lori and I aren’t the only crazies out there! I’m sure it is going to be fun, and we will certainly see lots of creativity as a result.

And that leads me to another process I’ll be going through this year, The Curated Closet book by Anuschka Rees. Yes, I got this for Christmas last year, and I read it, but didn’t apply the concepts and certainly didn’t apply it to my sewing since I lacked sewing mojo for so much of 2017. The RTW fast and my new sewing room redo is ramping up my enthusiasm for sewing again, and this book can help make sure that I am making the best garments for my wardrobe and my personal style.

The first step the book suggests is to take pics of my outfits that I wear and think critically about what I like and don’t about each one. I planned on beginning this week, but all progress on many, many of my goals has been halted by getting sick for the second time in a month. I was sick the week before Christmas, too! Unfair!

Old Sewing Room

Old Sewing Room

Current Mess but new TV hung!

Current Mess but new TV hung!

I am in the middle of a big rearranging, organizing and decorating project of my sewing room/office. It has been so much fun and each piece is so exciting – like my husband hung the new TV last week! It is on a swivel so I’ll be able to see it from nearly every vantage point. But my room is so big and stuffed full of stuff that the process is slow and piecemeal. I have to clear a wall, paint it (from old yellow to crisp white), move those things back, then go to another section. And now that I’m sick, progress has come to a halt. Grrrrr. My new pink futon couch is hanging out in our foyer waiting for me to paint the left wall. So frustrating!

I hope that pink couch will be a good place to record some videos for YouTube! I have recently got obsessed with Sewing YouTubers, and I just think it is such a fun way to talk about sewing and get to know people in our community. I have enlisted the help of my 13 year old to be my video editor, since she took a class at the Apple store last summer, and I have ideas of things to talk about. BUT, I have no idea how I will come across on camera, so this idea is not a commitment to publish any videos, it is only a commitment to film some and try it out. Maybe I’ll hate it? Who knows!

Cute binder for my Sewing Planner

Cute binder for my Sewing Planner

A sewing YouTuber I enjoy is Athina Kakou , and I really loved her sewing planner idea! She gives a detailed tour here, but I really loved how she thought about the sewing community and how we can use our planners to build relationships and participate in group sewalongs and challenges. I love those challenges but often forget about them or lose focus. Her planner helps corral all those ideas and I think it is really going to help me this year!

I’ve already got quite a list of challenges I’m planning for. Pattern Review has some great contests coming up this year, and the first one seems as if it was created just for me! The Outfit to Match your Shoes was announced right after I bought these beautiful boots that I simply couldn’t resist, even knowing that I had no idea what to wear with them!

I need an outfit to match these shoes!

I need an outfit to match these shoes!

The Monthly Stitch’s theme is this month is reSEWlutions. The Sewcialists are focusing on stripes in February. Bra maker’s supply is highlighting purple this month as the new Pantone Color of the Year. My favorite Facebook group, Sewalongs and Sewing Contests, is encouraging us to sew jackets, coats, capes and cardigans. That’ll be easy, as I have a few of those planned already.

The new year welcomes the new Sew My Style and it kicked off with the Sunny dress. I am not going to purchase this pattern as I think I already own some that are similar, but I LOVE seeing the inspiration all under one hashtag. Handy! And I am looking forward to interviewing Jessica Lorraine for the Clothes Making Mavens Podcast so we can all get excited about the rest of the year!

One more challenge I am intrigued by is the BurdaStyle challenge 2018 by Saturday Night Stitch. The idea is to make up one of the patterns in each month’s issue. Now I don’t have a current subscription, but if I take the challenge to urge me to make any more of my many magazine patterns, that would be great.  I have plenty earmarked from previous issues, and the styles are still very current. Or maybe I’ll just sign up for a subscription. I do love them so!

episode16Don’t forget that we just released podcast episode #16 with Barbara Emodi from Sewing on the Edge. She has a book coming out soon and I can’t wait to read it!

Have a great week!

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  1. I thought I had ordered Barbara’s new book but I hadn’t so thank you for reminding me – I’ve put my order in now 😉 Love the Clothes Making Mavins podcast as well as the Love to Sew podcast – have you listened to that one too? It’s so interesting to see what everyone’s plans are for the coming year :) For the first time I have already joined 2 challenges – one is the 2018 RTW Fast (the fb group is a lot of fun already) and the other is the Smyly challenge which appeals to me on so many levels. Happy New Year to you!

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