My little twin! Mistake turned into an On Purpose

Sfloralsweatshirt1Look at my little twin! She is not exactly my twin, since she looks just like her father, but we still had a lot of fun dressing alike!

zSfloralsweatshirt3I totally futzed up my first version of the slinky sweatshirt, making it much too small in the shoulders by using a pattern designed to be a fitted baseball t-shirt style from Sew U Home Stretch. I had to drag myself out of a hole of despair to try it on S. Sfloralsweatshirt4

The shoulders (nearly) fit! It still may be a tad big on my slight girl, but I was NOT going to rip it apart to make smaller when I had already added the fold over elastic trim into the seam as piping. Especially since I serged all my seams! I just finished the hem right up and pretended like it was my plan to make her this top all along.

Sfloralsweatshirt5Even though I am so sad as each birthday candle gets added to my older daughter’s cake, it is nice that she is 9 years old and that wearing a matching shirt with her mom is plausible (she no longer wears shirts with sequin ponies on them) and not totally embarrassing (though I know that day will come soon enough).


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