How to Craft your Perfect Sewing Goals

What is more fun and inspiring than seeing so many recaps and goals popping up these last few weeks? Nothing, except writing your own personal and motivating goals that will help push and guide you throughout the upcoming creative year! I know that I am ready for that challenge, but when I sat down with a pen and paper I wondered what I wanted to accomplish.

Now sewing is a hobby, and I am personally trying to avoid indulging in my tendency to push, effort and strive in everything, because I can exhaust myself by doing that with every aspect of my life. But I do love sewing and I know that goals are very fun! I also adore crossing things off my list!

So how do we choose our goals? There are a couple things I thought of to consider.

  1. Wardrobe gaps – I know sometimes I like to sew the next shiny new pattern that catches my eye, and sewing basics isn’t the most glamorous, but when you can have taken a look at your wardrobe and realized that a white button down shirt will pull together so many of your other beloved handmade items, the value becomes clear and that sewing goal becomes very valuable.
  2. Community sewalongs or challenges – The lonely nature of solo sewing makes these events such a celebration, especially of inspiritation and support. I have made many friends during these kinds of events. They have the added bonus of a deadline to keep you on track!
  3. Reaching for the next level in your sewing journey – Tried and true patterns are wonderful, and as a sewist it is great to have an arsenal of projects and patterns you know you will love to make and wear, but there is always something new to learn in sewing. We don’t have to take on a couture gown, but you can widen your sewing repertoire by a technique or 2 that stretches you. Or break into a new category of sewing that you haven’t tried, like lingerie.
  4. Emulate another or try a new style- Our community is filled with so many amazing seamstresses. I am constantly amazed. The best part of getting inspired by another sewist is that we can usually get details on pattern and fabric choices that can help you recreate it! And the diversity of women’s sizes, ages, coloring and styles mean you can get inspired by an actual person, not just a skinny young model.
  5. Make time for a big project – some projects we look forward to but avoid because of the huge commitment of the time our hobby takes up. Something that requires quilting or topstitching, or a lot of handsewing or fitting are intimidating, but so worth it. When that goal is completed, it feels especially great.
  6. Control your stash – Sometimes it is possible for our stuff to overwhelm us, and sewing supplies are so easy to collect. My fabric stash brings me great joy, but it can also crowd my space and my mental energy to just remember it all. And there is also the important fact that I want to see those beautiful fabrics sewn up and worn, where they can be admired and enjoyed even more! But some people may be in a different situation where they want to grow their stash, or only add sustainable fabrics.
  7. Sustainability – this can mean so many different things to different people, but the main idea that I’ve seen and would like to adopt is consciousness. The goal is don’t just make as much as you can with whatever fabrics you buy, buy, buy. By taking time to set goals in a thoughtful way you can raise your consciousness about what you are consuming, even though we all are sewing for fun and have such a passion for it!


With these things in mind, I am ready to make my goals for the year. Here goes nothin’!

The Ready to Wear Fast – this will make me focus on wardrobe gaps and try my hand at sewing basics, which I’ve never been drawn to and I may, in fact, hate. But over the years I have made some T-shirts and jeans, and it may be just the thing to get the fabric, fit and quality just right. Or I may end up over complicating every garment I make as usual.

Make every single one of my top 10 patterns – I have already made 2! I will blog the second soon.

Possible French jacket fabrics

Possible French jacket fabrics

The French jacket – Imma really gonna do it this year, guys! I really think I would wear it, too. I’d love to make a big beautiful coat, but I don’t really need one. I fact, I miss my coats that hang forlornly in the closet now, worn so seldom. But a light tweed jacket? It would go so well with all my jeans! This is really the year for it – I hope I am patient enough finally.

Swimwear – we just installed a pool in our backyard and I need new suits! I honestly have swimsuits from before I was married. The truth is, while living in chilly Washington, a swimsuit would get so little use that they would last for years and years. But I have already seen that start to change since moving here and swimming so much more. The old standby suits are getting worn out and I can see I’ll need several more for all the different water related stuff we love to do here in California. We swim at my pool, we water ski at the lake and we go to the beach. It is worth investing time into these swimsuits! Water related activities are some of our favorite family time.

Morgan jeans and pleated pants – I’ve been wearing skinny jeans/pants for years, and I’m looking forward to loosening up that silouhoutte and feeling less stuffed into my pants! Haha!

Lingerie – I am so displeased with all the molded foam bras that dominate the lingerie departments, so I would really like to try to make customized bras. Lingerie sewing is such a new skill that it should be a fun!

Stash reduction – keeping it simple. 2 yards out = 1 yard in.

Sew a Stitch a Day – As mentioned in my last post, I made this goal to prod me into keeping moving, even when I feel stuck. I also want to reduce my UFOs and my mountain of mending/alterations.

cropped-ClothesMakingMavens_Logo_SquarePodcast more and Blog more – There are lots of topics I’d like to talk about or write about that aren’t only finished garments. I’m sure some readers will skip over my wordy posts, but I feel the need for some variety, and I have a lot to say! And if you aren’t subscribed to the Clothes Making Mavens podcast, what are you waiting for? It is available on all the usual podcast collecting streams. If it isn’t available on your favorite, please let me know so I can submit it ASAP.

I’ll be taking part in several challenges and sewalongs, too. I can’t wait for those!

I’ve been devouring everyone’s goal lists and #makenine images. Does anyone else have goal considerations I didn’t think of? Maybe I need to add more goals… it is so motivating!

2 thoughts on “How to Craft your Perfect Sewing Goals

  1. I love your podcast Helena! I’ve not missed one single episode 🙂 I love your blog too so reading that you plan to do more makes my heart sing. I’ve joined 2 challenges – one is the RTW 2018 Fast and the other is SMYLY which is just all heart – not really a challenge, more of a celebration. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones – I look forward to seeing your new swimsuits! I swim all the time (at a fitness centre here in Victoria BC) and have a couple so I wouldn’t need to make one BUT I do have my eye on one to make maybe next year by Jalie patterns.

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