Fooling the eye with my Simplicity 1283 skirt

IMG_4531 (2)It is Pattern Review Sewing Bee time once again and I love how this sewing contest always pushes me! This project particularly turned out just as I imagined and I couldn’t be happier. And it was made with a care and level of craftsmanship I don’t always take with a sewing project.

Simplicity 1283 backThe Round 1 challenge was a pencil skirt and immediately I was thrilled. I love pencil skirts and especially with the looser tops I’ve been amassing for my sunny and casual lifestyle, the slim skirt is a perfect pairing. I wore this simple button up blouse to keep the emphasis on the skirt for these pictures, but the subtle pattern and denim back mean this skirt can easily go with a colorful top, too. I can’t wait to try it!

The pattern is Mimi G for Simplicity 1283 and so it features the adorable and curvy Mimi on the cover. I am built nothing like her, so I tried to fool the eye into imagining more curves with my added style line at the high hip. I think it worked pretty well. My waist looks pretty small and there is some definition to my hips that I don’t usually have. It turned out so flattering!

Here are my construction notes from my PR review :

Simplicity 1283 detailThe main alteration for this pattern is I added an angled piece of the stretch denim to the front. It almost looks as though the back is wrapping around the front. This visually brought my waist in to look slimmer and the longer length should make me look taller. That’s the theory anyway!

But the fun comes from the play of stripes on the front and side panels. I emphasized the change in stripe direction with navy blue trim. I was sad to cover my perfect stripe sewing on the seams, but the trim really added to the style!

Simplicity 1283 innardsI used a couple tips from Sandra Betzina’s (old) book More Power Sewing. It warned me to ensure that the garment waist be 1 – 2 inches larger than the cut waistband and to ease that extra fabric in as you sew to create a smooth transition from snug waistband to high hip. I think this worked great and avoided the folding and bunching that can sometimes happen right under the waistband when actually moving around.

The lining is handstitched to the invisible zipper and the tweed hem is also hand stitched with no thread visible. The denim portion of the hem is a nice deep 1 inch machine sewn hem to secure the kick pleat.

Simplicity 1283 sideA very fun project for a very fun contest! I just completed my Round 2 entry, but the blog lags behind when I am sewing this much, so I’ll share that one a little later.

10 thoughts on “Fooling the eye with my Simplicity 1283 skirt

    • I do like that pattern and will probably make it again. Making it out of knit would streamline the process quite a bit more, too.

    • No, the pattern is still made for the measurements and proportions that Simplicity always uses. I was careful with the fit and had to take a couple passes to get it right, but that was a product of using a fabric the skirt was not designed for.

  1. I love the mixed materials on this one, and your stripe play definitely does make for some really flattering lines. This has been a really amazing bee. I told Georgia (Kabunta) that I’m glad I don’t have to judge the sleeves–that gallery is one of the best I’ve ever seen. People really pulled out all of the stops! I’m looking forward to reading about your beautiful purple sleeves!

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