A most impractical Toaster Sweater

Toaster sweater suedeIt just really doesn’t make sense to make a sweater out of fabric with holes, right? But I did!

Toaster Sweater fabricThis is the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #2, a very popular pattern for good reason. I made this months ago and forgot to blog it. Every time I pull it out to wear it I remember Hey! I should throw this on the blog and tell everyone how much I love it.

IMG_3720 (2) (Medium)This is the weirdest fabric, kinda a suede-like laser cut with some stretch to it. Since it is not cold here, I thought I would like some holes in my sweater! But these pictures were taken on quite a windy day and actually, I wished it wasn’t so breezy. I’m such a goldilocks, aren’t I? Also, the suede was catching on my camisole and it looks like it is pulling, but actually the fit is quite nice through the shoulder and bust.

Toaster sweater funnel neckSo, it is a very nice pattern. I like the fold over facing on the funnel neck, I like the hi-lo hem and mitered corners. It is great to wear with slim jeans because the bodice is pretty boxy. And the entire look is effortless but modern, and perfect when I’m just working from home and I don’t want to get dressed really, but this is still an outfit.

Toaster sweater with pupI would like opinions on this mauve color. I love this color so much, but I know that very few people do. What are your thoughts? I feel like it is subtle, almost a neutral, but not beige or in the brown/warm tones family. I don’t think I have any clothing on the warm side of the spectrum! I wear only blues/grays/pinks/greens. And that is a big reason I was so excited to see blush popping up everywhere this last year — I think it is such a fun alternative to beige.  And yet I know beige and camel can be so useful.

11 Replies to “A most impractical Toaster Sweater”

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen says:

    I love your Toaster! I was just at a sewing meet up here at Gala Fabrics this morning and extolling the wonders of the Toaster 🙂 I love the colour and the holes would make it breath nicely.

  2. Love the colour – looks great on you! And love the sweater too. Version is on my to be sewed list this autumn.

    1. Thanks, Naomi! I can’t wait to see your version. I haven’t seen one I didn’t love yet.

  3. I love the color on you, even the holes in the top and the fit is great. Your haircut and makeup are very pretty on you. It has been interesting watching you enlarge your sewing vision and style.

    1. Ditto to all Barbara said! That color looks super on you, so is the style of the top!

      1. Thank you!

    2. You are dear, Barbara. Thank you for commenting! I always appreciate it.

  4. Diane Kaylor says:

    I love this color on you. I would have said that the color is gray with pink undertones. You have a good sense for what suits you.

    1. Yes, that is a good description. It is a really cool color, and mauve is more warm? Thank you!

  5. This is fab! The color works since it acts like a neutral — looks natural on you!

    1. Oh good, that is what I was hoping!. Thanks, Annie!

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