A little set I just threw together

suzy pantsI know I promised that I would not wear these pieces together, but Sophie over at Ada Spragg made me do it.

Look at my tail!

Look at my tail!

She had the great idea that we should all make co-ords. It is a thing, a real trend. She has a bunch of inspiration on her pinterest board, and through the month she made a few sets that are darling.


Can you see the people?

set2But I admit that I didn’t make a set for her sew-along. I happened to have a matched set because I bought a ton of this people fabric. So, in the privacy of my back deck, I donned the set and took some pictures. Here you go, Sophie!

P.S. I am so super sorry if this post showed up in your feed more than once. I’m not sure what I did, but I had to erase the original and repost. Still getting the hang of the new site. Of all the posts that I would mess up on, it had to be this silly one!

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