The Sandpoint Top is waiting for you!

Nothing, I mean nothing, in my life has compared to the creative surge I feel when I create a garment. It is my favorite medium of self expression!

It occurred to me that creating a garment from scratch, like straight from my imagination, would be even more fun. So I began to learn how to draft my own patterns. It has been a such an amazing learning adventure so far and I’m so excited by the progress I’ve made. So, on to the big announcement:

The Sandpoint Top is being released today!

Pattern Cover

It is a loose fitting T-shirt with a dramatic cowl back feature. There is a shoulder band behind the neck to secure it. In a fluid, stretchy knit it skims the body and drapes beautifully down the back.  It can be made up in a comfortable cotton/rayon knit or made dressier in a slinky jersey. You can make the shoulder band in a contrast color to highlight that fun feature, too!

For this simple T-shirt pattern I am keeping the price reasonable at $8.95. Even better, I’m offering a 20% coupon code for the first week to encourage you to try me and GrayDay Patterns out! The code is “firstweek” and it is good until 10/26/14. 

I loaded this pattern up with features to make it as easy to use as possible. Here are some:

  • Fully illustrated diagrams and friendly instructions
  •  Women’s sizes XS – XL
  • Finished garment measurements and fit guide to help you create your perfect top
  • Layered pattern sizes allow you to print only the sizes you need
  • Hate cutting and taping? Includes large format pattern you can send to a copy shop

new-website I am also introducing the new website – I hope it will become a destination to share and gain inspiration for all our GrayDay Pattern creations. There is a gallery dedicated to your garments, and I will highlight one each week in the “Featured Make” section. All my contact information is there, so feel free to ask questions and send suggestions. I would love to hear from you!

None of this would have been possible without the help and encouragement of The Monthly Stitch and the Project Indie contest. What a wonderful opportunity it was!

I also cannot thank my fabulous testers enough! They are a great group of ladies that did a lot more than just fill out a feedback form! They encouraged and supported me when I thought the pattern would never be completed, and seeing their smiling faces wearing my design  was amazing!


Let’s make everything out of this fabric – jeans edition!

Ikat-Jamie-Jeans6 The ikat pants are finished! The ikat pants are finished! Assemble a celebratory parade!

Oh, the glamorous life of a pattern designer…you would think I would get to sew all day, right? WRONG! There is precious little sewing going on in my studio nowadays. The pattern designing is almost all done on the computer in Adobe Illustrator. And, as I’ve mentioned, I recently got a promotion at my IRL job and that means way more hours at the computer, too.  Ugh. I’m trying hard to improve my posture so I don’t go hunchback peering at a computer screen all day for my job, then all night for my passion. Continue reading

A little set I just threw together

suzy pants I know I promised that I would not wear these pieces together, but Sophie over at Ada Spragg made me do it.

Look at my tail!

Look at my tail!

She had the great idea that we should all make co-ords. It is a thing, a real trend. She has a bunch of inspiration on her pinterest board, and through the month she made a few sets that are darling.


Can you see the people?

set2 But I admit that I didn’t make a set for her sew-along. I happened to have a matched set because I bought a ton of this people fabric. So, in the privacy of my back deck, I donned the set and took some pictures. Here you go, Sophie!

P.S. I am so super sorry if this post showed up in your feed more than once. I’m not sure what I did, but I had to erase the original and repost. Still getting the hang of the new site. Of all the posts that I would mess up on, it had to be this silly one!

Sweet, sweet kimono

DIY Kimono This is a clear case of unrepentant frosting. What on earth is this kimono for? If it is cold, throwing a bit of chiffon over my shoulders isn’t going to help me. And if it is hot, I don’t want another sticky layer next to my skin. A kimono conundrum.
diy kimono But the glamour! Ah! So terribly pretty! The embroidery on this piece was a gift from the thrift store gods. A surprise gift, actually, because I bought the fabric for the lovely color and subtle texture, and only much later did I unfold the whole thing to reveal that beautiful beaded embroidery. Super-dee-duper score! Continue reading

Little move and big changes…

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I know that I should have done this a long time ago, but I have finally set up my blog up on a self-hosted site. For you, this means my blog address is now It used to be So confusing! My old site will redirect y’all for an entire year, though, so don’t fret.

On the new website I will be able to do lots of new cool things, the most important of which is sell my patterns! I also want to create a gallery for my customers to show off their work. That is going to be rad! I am so excited to see everyone’s interpretations and beautiful, unique selves in my designs.

Anyway, change over your bookmarks so you don’t miss any of the exciting developments around here and I promise to keep you posted on all of it!

I won! Here comes GrayDay Patterns…

Logo The unbelievable has happened. I woke up in the middle of the night, innocently, and checked my email for the 183rd time and this time there was a note from Kat of The Monthly Stitch about Project Indie.

She went on to thank me politely for my submission (it was very kind, like a condolence) and she realized how hard I worked (started losing hope) and how hard it was to judge (all hope abandoned) then WHAT? She said she was happy to tell me I won Project Indie. Oh MY GOODNESS! Continue reading

Announcing the Sandpoint Top!

Line drawing I am elated, terrified and proud to show you my first pattern, the Sandpoint Top. It is a loose fitting, deep V T-shirt with a surprise cowl in the back. Actually, it can be worn either way, with the cowl in the back or the front, by slipping the band behind the neck. Try it both ways to see which way you like best! The V front and armholes have a band finish, while the cowl drapes freely and in a lightweight knit needs no finishing. I will walk you through the steps to create a banded V-neck, but other than that little part, the construction is quick and easy!

Sandpoint-Top2aSandpointTopBackBandMy vision for starting GrayDay Patterns is to create unique, modern patterns that are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and actually wear! I know we all have special items we’ve made that hang in our closets and we don’t dare touch. They are either too fancy or not comfortable or not easy to wear. What a shame! I hope to help you make some fun clothes that you love to wear, but that are unique and stylish enough that you just might get asked, “Where did you get that great piece?”

SandpointTopBandThis pattern is being entered in The Monthly Stitch Project Indie competition. I am so excited to have the opportunity to enter it there and get feedback. Here is the interview they featured of me, for your viewing pleasure. And it is a voting competition, so head on over and cast your votes here. I value all your opinions, and this has not been pattern tested yet, so if you have any thoughts or advice, write a comment or email me! If you’d like to be a pattern tester, please let me know. There are so many more details to attend to, I don’t quite have a timeline set up for all that (maybe September?), but if you would like to help, I am so grateful! Thanks!SandpointTopSide


Just a swingin’ people tank

McCalls6751dTurns out I have a ton of the “people” fabric left over from my Suzy pants. Sometimes pants patterns call for double the length of your leg, so I bought 2.5 yards. But what I have figured out in my vast pant making experience (3 pair!) is that if the apparel fabric is 60″ wide I can always get both pant legs on one width of fabric and I will only need 1.25 – 1.5 yards (making pants very economical, no?).

Continue reading